Laboratory Fluid Beds Model 100N/300N

300N Fluid Bed

Applied Chemical Technology's (ACT) 100N and 300N Laboratory Fluid Beds offers the perfect solution for testing or developing chemical products and processes. These versatile units are easy to use and suitable for applications from industrial chemicals, powders to food and nutraceuticals.

With an ACT Laboratory Fluid Bed you can easily experiment with fluidization velocities, operating temperatures, coating methods, drying, agglomeration and cooling curves along with other process variables. The 100N and 300N Laboratory Fluid Beds are also ideal for batch production runs and product evaluation. In addition, all data is directly applicable for scale up to ACT's industrial fluid bed systems.

The 300N is a multi-purpose fluid bed that is 4X larger than the 100N model specifically designed for small to intermediate scale spray coating, granulation and drying of particulates and powders.

100N Fluid Bed

The 100N is a multi-purpose bench-top fluid bed that is designed for small scale spray coating, granulation and drying of particulates and powders.


Act's Laboratory Fluid Beds are ideal for a wide range of process applications, including:

  • Coating
  • Agglomeration
  • Heating
  • Granulation
  • Drying
  • Cooling

Standard Features

The standard 100N and 300N model comes with removable acrylic upper chamber, stainless bowl with handles, removable stainless steel distributor plate (6.33% open area), polyester exhaust or pleated cartridge air filters with stainless steel clamps, stainless steel wire frame filter support and replaceable inlet air dust filter. The spray system also includes nozzle, air cap, fluid tip, manual tip cleaner, extension, tubing, compressed air connectors, air pressure regulator and air pressure gauge. All necessary seals, clamps and gaskets are also included.

Standard Features

  • Full instrumentation (S.I. or U.S.)
    • Digital air flow/fluidization velocity indicator
    • Differential pressure readouts across air filters, screen and bed
    • Digital inlet air temperature indicator / controller
    • Digital exit air temperature indicator
    • High temperature alarm and warning light
    • Digital timer
  • Variable speed blower for precise air flow control
    • 20 to 500 CFM at 40 inches water column depending on selected model
    • Induced draft blower location produces negative pressure at fluid bed
  • Insulated 1700 watt heater, for air temperatures up to 80°C
  • Air atomized removable stainless steel spray system
    • Top and bottom configuration
  • Touch operated pulsed air filter cleaning system
  • Motorized chamber sealing system for easy access and operation
  • 110V GFI receptacle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safety features
    • Emergency power cut-off switch
    • Total ground fault interrupt protection
  • Easy operation and cleaning

Custom Features and Accessories

Optional additional equipment and modifications include:

  • Wurster tube insert with distributor plate
  • Alternate distributor plates (1% to 16.45% open area)
  • Sintered metal distributor plates for use with fine particles
  • Stainless steel bowl with built in air lock product sampler
  • Stainless steel upper chamber with two view ports and light
  • Three piece stainless steel/acrylic fluidization velocity chamber
  • 3-position side entry spray system
  • Inert gas intake
  • Peristaltic pump for spray system
  • High capacity heater (130° C)
  • Thermocouple jacks
  • 50 Hz electrical system and blower motor
  • Additional or custom filters and gaskets
  • Additional or custom filters and gaskets
  • Matching stainless steel base cabinet
  • Matching stainless steel stand
  • Custom modifications to design, materials or instrumentation
  • Explosion protected model also available

Dimensions and Technical Specifications (Standard Model)

Fluidization Velocity : 30" wide x 20" deep x 39" high (762 mm x 508 mm x 991 mm)
  • Unit requires total 48" (1219 mm) height clearance and additional 3" (76 mm) clearance to left and right.
  • Additional clearance required for insertion and removal of top spraying system.
Weight:250 lbs (114 kg)
Container (Bowl) Volume:0.18 ft3 (5 Liters)
Typical Charge Weight:0.4 - 6.6 lbs (0.2 - 3 kg) (depends on material)
Air Volume:70 cfm (2 m3/min)
Fan Motor:1.5kW - 2 HP
Heater:1.7 kW - 5800 Btu/hr
Comp. Air Pressure:6 bar gauge (87 psi) recommended
Power Requirements:220V single phase, 60 Hz

System Demonstration

A free demonstration is available at ACT's facility. To discuss your project with an engineer or for more information about ACT services, including complete catalogs of ACT fluid beds and other process equipment, you may contact us by phone, fax, or email.