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PG-100 Bench/Pilot Scale Fluid Bed System

The PG-100 is the newest addition to ACT's outstanding fluid bed product line. Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, the PG-100 is capable of granulation, coating, and drying particulates in the same unit. The system is easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilization to conform with cGMP standards.

PG-100 Fluid Bed Brochure

PG-100 Standard Features

PG-100 in operation
  • 304 Stainless steel construction
    • external surfaces with mill finish
    • internal surfaces with mirror finish
  • Product bowl automatically tilts, which discharges material from the bowl
  • External motors seal lower plenum, product bowl, and expansion zone
  • Perforated fluidization plate with retention screen
  • Exhaust filters; top load pleated cartridge filters
  • Back pulse system for cleaning cartridge filters
  • Operating temperature (ambient to 120°C)
  • Platform mounted for easy moving and setup utilizing standard fork truck

PG-100 Custom Features

Product bowl swinging out
Automated Tilt/Drop Bowl
  • 316 Stainless steel construction
  • Explosion vent panel
  • Sample thief
  • Product charge port
  • Sanitary light on expansion zone
  • Fluidization plates
  • Wash in place
  • Adjustable top spray assembly
  • Adjustable bottom spray assembly with Draft "Wurster" Tube
  • Isolation valves on inlet and outlet ductwork
  • Clean in place
  • Total remote operation of bowl position

Air Systems

PG-100 Air system diagram

Instrumentation and Controls

PG-100 Standard Features

Standard Features

  • Allen-Bradley DeviceNet System
  • Temperature controller for heat exchange
  • Blower controller for adjusting airflow
  • Product bowl position controller
  • Product temperature display
  • Exiting air temperature display
  • Backpulse filter timer
  • Pressure drop indicators
  • Airflow indicators
PG-100 Optional Features

Optional Features

  • Touch screen panel
  • Batch report system
    • Inlet air temperature
    • Product temperature
    • Airflow rate
    • Spray rate
    • Batch time
    • etc.
  • Inert system with oxygen concentration controller and alarm
  • Temperature controller for condenser
  • Humidity indicators
  • Total remote operation

System Demonstration

A free demonstration is available at ACT's facility for clients. To discuss your project with an engineer or for more information about ACT services, including complete catalogs of ACT fluid beds and other process equipment, you may contact us by phone, fax, or email.