Windstorm™ Fluid Bed System

Batch Fluidization Systems for Processing and Production

Windstorm Fluid Bed
Windstorm Fluid Bed System

Applied Chemical Technology's (ACT) Windstorm™ Fluid Bed Systems are both versatile and cost effective solutions for materials requiring batch processing. Our Windstorm™ systems are complete fluid bed systems that include blowers, ductwork, heat/cooling systems, integral dust collectors, explosion protection, and more. It has a recirculation air design that allows the use of inert gas or air. The Windstorm™ features a compact layout ideal for small spaces as well as ACT's exclusive on-demand discharge door. This door unloads batches at the touch of a button without shutting down the system. Whatever your process requirements, a Windstorm™ Fluid Bed System may be the perfect solution.

Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel- Optional Stainless Steel or Specialty Alloys
Capacity: Up to 1000 lbs
Temperatures: Standard up to 300°, Optional Systems up to 1400°
Product Densities: Up to Bulk Densities of 90 lbs/ft3 or more

Process Applications for Our Windstorm™ Batch Fluid Bed Systems

  • Drying
  • Coating
  • Agglomerating
  • Granulating
  • Impregnating
  • Heating
  • Reacting
  • Mixing
  • Classifying
  • Cooling
  • Decontaminating
  • Prilling

Windstorm™ Fluid Bed System Standard Features

Windstorm Fluid Bed
  • Steam/Coolant Coil
  • Condensing Coil
    • Moisture Removal or Solvent Recovery
  • Mist Eliminator
  • Explosion Protection
  • Recirculating Gas System - Air or Inert Gas
  • Integrated Dust Collector
    • Polyester Bag Filters
    • 99% Efficient for >1µ particles
  • Pulse Jet Bag Cleaning System
  • Sealed Discharge Hopper with Airlock
  • On Demand Product Discharge Door
    • Push Button Operation
    • Air Actuated
  • Removable Air Distribution Screen
  • Air Flow and Temperature Controls
  • Full Instrumentation
  • Complete Ductwork for Contained Air
  • Blower
    • Positive, Negative, or Atmospheric
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Optional Features for Windstorm™ Fluid Bed System

Windstorm Fluid Bed
Windstorm Fluid Bed System
  • Alternate Distributor Plates
  • Automation
    • PLC Package Complete with Graphic Interface
    • Tailored for Your Specific Needs
  • Cartridge Filter System
  • Custom Filter Materials
  • Custom Finish
  • Complete Spray System Accessories
    • Pumps, Filters, Nozzles, Piping, etc.
    • Top, Bottom, or Side Mounting
  • Conversion Accessories
    • For Low, Medium, or High Products Density Configurations
  • Larger Capacity Hoppers
  • Other Custom Modifications

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Our experts are ready to discuss your application with you. With feedback on your operating parameters, we can quickly identify the system to meet your specific needs. Call us at 1-800-ACT-3217 or use our Contact Us Page to talk to an ACT fluid bed specialist.

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