Rotary Drum Specialty Designs

Rotating Drums Designed or Modified for Your Specific Process

At Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) we understand that one size does not fit all. That is why our rotary drums are easily modified to suit your specific needs. Also, ACT can design and fabricate custom internals for your existing drum, allowing you to improve your process efficiency or even re-purpose your drum for a new process. Whatever the need, we can design and fabricate a rotary drum to achieve your objective.

Your Specialty Rotary Drum Could Include:

  • Custom Drum Internals
  • Screen Shell Sections for Material Sizing/Classifying
  • Hoods or Breechings
    • Dust Seals
    • Access Doors
    • Customized for Your Process
  • Steam Jacketing
  • Shell Access Doors - Servicing of Drum Internals
  • Flanged Shell
  • Rubber Shell Liners - Prevent Material Build Up
  • Shell Hammers - Knock Product Loose
  • Variable Slope
  • Bucket Discharge
  • Slow Running/Fast Running Operation
  • Unitized or Separate Trunnions and Drive Bases
  • Skid Mounted Rotary Drum System
  • Complete Rotary Drum Systems
    • Full Granulation Systems
    • Inert Atmosphere Systems
    • Blowers
    • Heaters
    • Complete Plants
  • Multi-function Rotary Drum Design
    • Heating, Coating, Drying, Cooling, Screening, etc. in a Single Drum
    • Batch or Continuous Process
  • Automated Controls
    • Motor Controls
    • Instrumentation
    • PLC/HMI
    • Control System Integration

Shipping Commercial Scale Rotary Drum