Skid Mounted Systems + Trailer Mounted Systems

Modular Systems Engineered and Fabricated for Portability

As the demand for modular/skid mounted systems continues to increase, we at Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) have expanded our capabilities to include quality built skid mounted and trailer mounted systems. Our skid systems are designed to meet the challenges of the growing market of our clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, biomass, polymer, energy and alternative fuels industries. Our addition of skilled manpower, design tools and automation/control expertise has enabled ACT to provide custom skid mounted systems in a timely manner and at an economical cost. Our experience in the design and fabrication of skid mounted and trailer mounted systems includes small pumping skids up to multi-million dollar chemical plants.

Modular Chemical Processing System
Modular Chemical Processing System

Benefits of ACT Skid System Include:

  • Cost savings
  • Decreased start-up time
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) performed prior to shipping
  • Best choice for construction in remote locations
  • Off-site construction without interrupting current system operations
  • Efficient and quality fabrication
  • Reduced safety risks
  • Relocation of skid system as needed
  • Designed to fit shipping containers
  • Fully automated and integrated turnkey systems

Typical ACT Skid Systems:

  • Pilot plant skids
  • Demonstration skids
  • Specialty chemical skids
  • Pharmaceutical skids
  • BioFuels skids
  • Distillation and solvent recovery skids
  • Equipment mounted skids
  • Pumping skids
  • Fertilizer production skids
  • Custom designed skid systems
Skid Mounted Systems Brochure
Ammonium Polyphosphate Mobile System Brochure