2018 Year in Review

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ACT Offers New Services in 2018

ACT is constantly growing and offering new services to meet the needs of industry. As a result, our new services added in 2018 include:


Continuous Coating System



System to Toll 50 Tons of Product

Capitalizing on process and scale-up needs in the market, ACT responded in 2018 by adding tolling operations to their suite of services. We offer tolling of product for our clients in quantities from 2 tons to 50 tons or more. Our specialties include grinding, granulating, drying, and coating, to name a few.


ACT now offers standard Continuous Coating Systems, a proven turnkey technology at a low cost.

  • Standard Systems: 1, 3, 5, and 10 TPH
  • 4-6 month Equipment Delivery Time
  • Substrates: Urea, NPKs, Potash, Others
  • Standard Coating Material Available
  • Adaptable to Other Coating Technology
  • Pilot / Tolling Systems Available
  • A license agreement for a proven coating material is available

An ACT Continuous Coating System can be used to apply one or more coating materials and/or layers to a suitable substrate. Our Continuous Coating Systems are proven to produce high quality coated products for slow release, controlled release, moisture barrier, dust suppression, and other desirable product qualities. ACT will also work with our client to optimize coatings for a specific product or to develop a coating process for alternative coatings using ACT’s coating system.


ACT can conduct any testing necessary to confirm the viability of a coating material. The same facility is available to produce quantities of product for agronomic testing or market tests. ACT is equipped to provide all testing related to your product quality. Testing can be conducted to determine release rates, protection levels, and other product specifications.

View Our Continuous Coating Systems Brochure




ACT Projects in 2018

DEVELOP: 50+ Projects

Granulation Pilot Plant


In 2018, we worked on more than 50 Development Projects typically using Fluid beds, Rotary Drums, Pugmills, or Pin Mills to… Dry, Granulate, Coat, and React.

These projects are now moving forward to the next phase of development through further laboratory testing, pilot plant testing, field testing, or preliminary engineering.

ENGINEER: 20+ Projects


Our more than 20 Engineering Projects completed in 2018 included projects for…

  • Debottlenecking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimization
  • System Integration
  • Granulation System Designs
  • Coating System Designs
  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Emission Control Designs


View the fabrication of a rotary drum we designed and built in 2018.

FABRICATE: 50+ Projects

Dust Collection Baghouse


Our focus on quality systems and equipment exceeded our client’s expectations in 2018. Working on more than 50 design and fabrication projects we successfully built:

  • Fluid Beds
  • Rotary Drums
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Tanks and Reactors
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Melters
  • Skid Systems
  • Automation/Control Panels
  • Structural Steel
  • Piping
  • Emission Control Equipment




Look for Our New Logo

At Applied Chemical Technology, we are proud of our rich history serving clients around the world in multiple industries. Our clients have benefited since 1981 from our complete range of services for commercialization of processes and products. In 2018, we developed a new logo designed to convey the multiple facets and capabilities within our company.

Our new logo includes…

  • Three Keywords to Describe What We Do: DEVELOP, ENGINEER, and FABRICATE
  • Mobius StripThree Leaves with Three ColorsGold – Innovations for our clients
      • Green – Our engineering services and our concern for the environment based on our long history in the fertilizer industry
      • Blue – Skilled craftsmen – fabricating quality systems and equipment utilizing a variety of metals and alloys.
    • An Infinite Geometric Shape – Represents our company’s ability to provide a complete package for process development and commercialization