Why Granulate?

There are many reasons to choose granulation of a material, and these reasons are based on a variety of objectives. For example, spray dried powders are generally very fine. Due to the fineness of the powder, dustiness is an issue which can pose a health hazard for workers as well as an explosion hazard. In addition, dusty materials do not flow well and are difficult to dispense in uniform amounts. If the material is to be dissolved, it often floats causing problems with dispersion. These are just some of the reasons to choose granulation.

What Are Benefits of Granulation?

Granules of Agglomerated Powder
Granules of Agglomerated Powder
  • Reduce dustiness
  • Improve material flow
  • Improve material dispersion
  • Increase porosity to maximize dissolution rate
  • Change bulk density
  • Change material size, shape, and surface smoothness for coatings

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What is Granulation?
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