How is Fertilizer Developed?

Managing the Development of Specialty Fertilizers

Applied Chemical Technology's (ACT) approach and services in fertilizer development have led to the development of hundreds fertilizers for our clients including specialty fertilizers. We have proven success in developing slow release fertilizers, controlled release fertilizers, absorbed fertilizers, and more. Many of the fertilizers we helped to develop over the years have resulted in patents for the client. Our approach to managing the development of a specialty fertilizer is outlined in the presentation on this page.

Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) was founded in 1981 by A. Ray Shirley. Mr. Shirley started ACT to fill a need in industry for specialty fertilizer development. Before establishing ACT, Mr. Shirley worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority's Fertilizer Development Center where he helped to develop the process for Sulfur Coated Urea.

White Paper on Managing the Development of Specialty Fertilizers from Inception to Commercialization