Laboratory & Bench Scale Development Services

ACT offers five laboratory spaces totaling 4,000 square feet to provide quick and low cost assessments of process and products, utilizing small scale equipment to develop these products and processes. Separate laboratories are available to provide security for sensitive projects. Small samples of product can be produced for chemical and physical evaluation or provided for early market testing. ACT's analytical services provide quick and low cost assessments as well as custom analytical procedures and product quality testing. Our bench scale services support pilot plant operations with scale-up data, chemical analysis and product quality testing. ACT provides a full team of engineers, designers, and craftsmen with the ability to build specialty equipment for testing new processes. We also provide assistance and training for use of specially developed lab equipment designed and constructed at ACT.

Lab Scale Process/Product Development Equipment

  • Fluid Beds
    • High Temperature
    • Explosion Proof
    • Dryer/Cooler
    • Granulation
    • Coater
  • Rotary Drums
    • 24 Inch
    • 20 Inch
    • 12 Inch Heated
  • Pan Granulation/Coater
  • High Intensity Mixers
  • Pin Mill Mixer/Granulation
  • Pug Mill Mixer/Granulation
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Muffle Furnaces
  • Hammer Mill
  • Ball Mill
  • Ring and Puck Mill
  • Speed Mixer
  • Prilling Equipment
  • Melt Spray Systems
  • Chillers
  • Calcining Ovens
Laboratory Scale Pan Granulator