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1 applied chemical technology process engineering 2 pilot plant testing process engineering 3 plant design and fabrication 4 engineering and commercialzation 5 bench scale development of granulated product 6 fabricatoinon of industrial scale rotary drum 7 automation controls and control panel

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Welcome to Applied Chemical Technology (ACT), winner of the 2015 Governors Trade Excellence award and 2011 Alabama Small Manufacturer of the Year. Located in Florence, Alabama; ACT is a one-stop facility providing research and development, engineering, design, automation, and fabrication services. ACT provides product design, process development, equipment design, automation, equipment modification, bench-scale and pilot-scale testing, plant design, and fabrication to industries both domestically and internationally.

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ACT specializes in the design and fabrication of pilot plants, demonstration plants, and commercial production plants and equipment for a wide range of industries and processes. ACT maintains over 84,500 ft2 of research, development and fabrication facilities. Our facilities include laboratories, design facilities, fabrication shops, pilot plant facilities, greenhouses, and more. ACT's engineers and staff have the knowledge and experience to handle a vast array of process applications. Fabrication services include production equipment, skid-mounted systems, structural, and custom equipment.

Since 1981, ACT has worked with US and International clientele to develop new equipment designs and processes making themselves known worldwide for expertise and craftsmanship. Clients from around the world utilize the ACT laboratory and pilot plant facilities for both development and test marketing. Recent industries utilizing ACT's facilities include fertilizer, catalyst, bio/renewables, pharmaceutical, mining, polymer, food, and specialty chemicals.

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