Research and Development

Applied Chemical Technology’s research and development services provide you with quick assessments of process and product viability, as well as custom analytical procedures and product quality testing. Our laboratory and pilot plant teams support our process engineers allowing us to start at bench-scale, work our way to the pilot plant, and finally to commercial scale. This approach allows us to help our clients develop their project from an idea or concept to completion. Since 1981, numerous patents are attributed to our research and development team.

Greenhouse Fertilizer Screening Tests and On-Site Fertilizer Field Trials


Evaluating fertilizer performance after development requires more than just testing whether the correct balance of nutrients are present and available. The fertilizer must also avoid problems...

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Lab and Bench Scale

ACT offers five laboratory spaces totaling 4,000 square feet to provide quick and low cost assessments of process and products, utilizing small scale equipment to develop these products and processes...

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Pilot Plant

ACT pilot plants provide the best opportunity for developing and testing new products and new processes, along with incorporating new ideas into current processes...

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