Chemical Reactions & Process Simulation

At ACT, we have decades of experience testing and developing products and processes that are designed for scale-up. In addition, we provide testing at the pilot scale as well as work with you to commercialize your process. We develop products, co-products, and waste conversion products from chemical reactions for a wide variety of industries including fertilizer, chemicals, fine chemicals, catalysts, feed, food, pharmaceutical, and biomass, to name a few. We develop new products and processes as well as assist our clients in converting waste streams to marketable products thus providing additional revenue from their current processes. Our experience is unsurpassed in producing chemical products in rotary drums, fluid bed reactors, and mixed tank reactors using both batch and continuous processing. We have successfully converted chlorides to sulfates, chlorides to nitrates, sulfates to carbonates, and much more.

Our labs are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of bench scale development activities. Our development staff has the experience to plan and conduct bench scale tests to generate the data required to plan pilot tests.

Reaction Types

  • Solids to Liquids
  • Liquids to Solids
  • Solid to Gas
  • Gas to Liquid
  • Neutralization Reactions
  • Reactions Driven by Catalysts
  • Specialty Coating Reactions (Epoxies/Resins)

Some of Our Testing Conditions and Measurement Capabilities

  • Atmospheric, Pressure, or Vacuum
  • Inert Atmospheres
  • Jacketed Reactors
  • Distillation
  • Tank Conditions
  • Agitation Characteristics
  • Fluid Characteristics
  • Chemical Compatibility

Our team is also experienced in efficient preparation and planning for projects. We welcome client participation at every step of the process. Literature searches as well as preparation and implementation of test plans are key to our success. We encourage open conversation between our team and our clients. Our scientists and technicians give attention to detail both observing and recording observations through the course of the laboratory and bench scale testing. Our approach and experience translates into savings for the client in both time and money.