Granulation & Agglomeration

Types of Granulation and Agglomeration Experience

Melt Spray Urea, Fluid Bed Granulated Clay, and Pelletized Biomass

Melt Spray Urea, Fluid Bed Granulated Clay, and Pelletized Biomass

  • Drum Agglomeration
  • Pan Agglomeration
  • Melt Spray Granulation
  • Prilling
  • De-dusting
  • Wet Acid Granulation
  • Pugmill Granulation/Agglomeration
  • PinMill Granulation/Agglomeration
  • Fluid Bed Granulation/Agglomeration
  • High Intensity Mixers

Success in Particle Size Control

Since 1981, our laboratory specialists have performed laboratory testing on thousands of granulation and agglomeration products and processes. Through these tests, we have developed the skills to identify the best equipment to produce the desired product for your specific project. Whether you need a particle with a specific sphericity or density, we are experts at identifying the correct equipment and process to accomplish your goal. We can also quickly identify ways to optimize recycle or convert from a batch to continuous process. Our team has extensive experience in choosing binders. We have worked with hundreds of binders in the past, both organic and inorganic. From our bank of past experience with binders, we can quickly identify the correct binder based on the ingredient characteristics of your material. Perhaps you need a product that is soluble in water or other solvents. Maybe your product needs to be porous or durable. We are experienced with binders to produce products that meet these specifications and many more. We also recognize the properties and granulation characteristics of the binder. These properties may affect the color of the product, the pH during the granulation process, and whether the binder is compatible with the ingredients in the granule. With almost 100 combined years of successful experience in working with binders for granulation and agglomeration, we are one of the best in the industry.