Pilot Plant Services

Pilot Plant Development Designed for Your Process

Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) maintains laboratory and pilot plant facilities for use in product and process development. ACT pilot plants provide the best opportunity for developing and testing new products and new processes, along with incorporating new ideas into current processes.

A pilot plant from Applied Chemical Technology is specifically designed to test your unique process and production requirements in an accurate, small-scale simulation specific to a target scale. ACT pilot plants also reveal bottlenecks and other unforeseen process problems, allowing corrections to be made while still in a low-cost environment. On-site laboratory testing provides the feedback needed to adjust the pilot plant process during the testing period. This allows for both time and cost savings while providing the optimum environment for successful process and product development.

Along with test data, our pilot plants provide small production batches for analysis, test markets or specialty markets. During testing, a pilot plant project serves as a small-scale training facility for future plant operators and supervisors.

Our pilot plants are customizable to either batch or continuous processes. Our experienced team assists clients in identifying the appropriateness of the move from batch to continuous and helps with the scale-up considerations for that move.

What are Advantages of Our Pilot Plant Services?

  • Pilot plant services offered since 1981
  • Bench-scale plants to 2 ton/hr. continuous plants
  • 30,000 square feet of pilot plant space
  • Wet and dry processing
  • Skid testing
  • Emphasis on continual process improvement
  • Commercialization
  • Innovative approach
  • Large inventory of process equipment for rapid assembly and start-up
  • Low-cost specialty equipment easily designed and fabricated by ACT
  • Tailored to client schedule and budget
  • Client involvement welcomed and encouraged
  • Pilot plant equipment may be leased or purchased from ACT
  • ACT ships and oversees erection of plants at any location domestically or internationally
  • On-site laboratory support
  • Supervised by experienced ACT chemical and process engineers
  • Supported by our team of technicians, laboratory staff, designers and craftsmen
  • Office space and secretarial assistance provided at ACT