Laboratory and Bench Scale Development: Thermal Processing/Drying

300N Fluid Bed

    300N Fluid Bed

Thermal processing of materials is often the most expensive step of a process. Over the years, the specialists at Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) have developed an arsenal of skills and tools to economically meet the thermal processing requirements of their clients. Whether the materials, colors or taste are temperature sensitive or drying for low solids content is required, we have a proven history of success. Our laboratory personnel are experienced and equipped to handle the following:

  • Fluid Bed Drying, Heating, or Cooling
  • Rotary Drying or Heating
  • Spray Drying
  • Custom Drying Processes

Benefits of Fluid Bed Thermal Processing

  • Generally more cost effective than rotary thermal systems
  • Fewer moving parts resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • More thermally efficient than rotary systems
  • Require smaller footprint and allow more flexibility in orientation than a rotary system
  • Capable of multiple zones allowing varying process conditions
  • Typically generate fewer fines than rotary systems

Benefits of Rotary Thermal Processing

  • May have lower energy consumption as compared to fluid bed systems
  • Works for particles difficult to fluidize due to shape
  • Better suited for materials requiring longer residence times
  • Capable of handling material that becomes tacky with thermal processing

We Have the Expertise, Experience, and Equipment to…

  • Recommend the thermal process for your specific need
  • Test the process in our laboratory
  • Collect relevant data required for later scale up
  • Handle explosive materials