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Combination Fluid Bed/Baghouses

Applied Chemical Technology's (ACT) Combination Fluid Bed/Baghouses integrate process operations and environmental control into a single unit, reducing space requirements and allowing greater flexibility in plant layout. The continuous operation design offers non-stop production capabilities for almost unlimited process applications, while the integrated baghouse easily captures undersized particles for elimination or recirculation. We offer a versatile range of fluid bed sizes to meet any need, from research and development operations to full-scale production plants.

Combination Fluid Bed Baghouse Brochure

Fluid bed Baghouse Standard Features (All Models)

Baghouse Features

  • ACT's specialty integrated design
    • Low air velocity, low turbulence in transition phase
    • Laminar flow minimizes particle carryover to bags
    • Ideal for one blower recycle air systems
    • Operating at atmospheric pressure
    • Little or no ductwork required
    • Space-saving design
  • Polyester bag filters
    • 99% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 1 micron
    • Side removable bags
  • Pulse jet bag cleaning system

Fluid Bed Features

  • ACT's exclusive air distribution plenum for even fluidization
  • Replaceable distributor plate
    • Standard plate punched to your requirements
    • Wide range of open areas
  • Adjustable material retention dam
    • 1" height increments, up to 12" total bed depth
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Multi-function removable access door
  • Window at discharge end
  • Bolted plenum access door
  • Wash out drains
  • End air feed
  • Pressure rating ±20" water column
  • Handles materials up to 90 lbs/ft² bulk density
  • Up to 250°F operating temperature standard
  • Configurable to operate under positive, negative or atmospheric pressures
  • Carbon steel construction, primed and painted
  • Mounting lugs