Fluid Bed Systems

Fluid Bed Coaters, Granulators, Dryers, Reactors, Heaters

Since 1981, Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) has provided high quality, low cost fluid bed solutions to clients around the globe. Our fluidized beds serve many industries producing industrial chemicals, fine chemicals, fertilizers, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more. Over the years, our experienced engineers, designers, and craftsmen have built hundreds of fluid beds and fluid bed systems. Our experience enables us to efficiently design and fabricate the perfect fluid bed or fluid bed system to integrate into your existing plant or for your new processing plant. We also have bench scale and pilot plant scale equipment available n-site to generate the data required to size your piece of equipment and test your process.

Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Specialty Alloys
Sizes: ¼ ft2 to 1000 ft2
Capacities: 4 lbs/hr to 50 tons/hr
Upper Temperature Limit: 1400° F