Prilling - Pilot Plant

Do you need your powder or flaked material converted to a flowable product that is low in dustiness? For materials with low melting points and low viscosities, prilling can be the answer. Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) has experience in recognizing the best approach to particle size control. We can assist you in identifying and testing whether prilling your material is the best approach for your product.

ACT Pilot Plant Prill Tower Specifications and Capabilities

  • 40 foot tower
  • Capable of producing quantities from 5 pounds to several tons
  • Batch or continuous
  • Can supply conditioned air
  • Prill sizes from 0.25 mm – 1 mm (may change based on raw material specifications)
  • May be used as a spray chamber to produce seed material
  • Allows for addition of processing equipment downstream from the prill tower