ACT’s Commitment to Confidentiality

In today’s ever changing market, confidentiality is of utmost importance. The open exchange of information between Applied Chemical Technology and our client is critical to a project’s success. Assurance that confidential information will be kept private is key to confidently sharing information and ideas relative to the project. ACT has a proven record of maintaining confidentiality. ACT encourages the participation of clients in every phase of the development process, including preliminary discussions, bench scale tests, pilot plant tests and design of processing plants.

Client comments concerning ACT’s approach to confidentiality:

“H. J. Baker has worked with ACT on R&D projects for many years. We appreciate their confidentiality, professionalism, forward thinking, and ability to “think outside the box” on our projects. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ACT.”
Don Cherry, President , Crop Performance Division, H.J. Baker

“Applied Chemical Technology’s solid reputation on confidentiality and the protection of client owned intellectual property is one reason when I worked for a previous employer, we selected ACT. I found the ACT team to be highly professional with a strong commitment to policies and procedures that safeguarded our confidential information and IP. ”
Don Lauweryssen, Vice President Business Development, Yargus Manufacturing Inc.

My company has had a long relationship with ACT. From time to time ACT has declined additional development opportunities to ensure they do not risk IP of any of their other clients. Any company can have the proper legal agreements in the file. The actions of the personnel at ACT demonstrate a commitment to integrity that keeps us coming back.
Senior Manager, Premium Products