100 Xp Fluid Bed

A Lab/Bench Scale Explosion Proof Fluid Bed Coater, Granulator, Dryer, Reactor

The 100 XP unit is a multipurpose fluid bed for small scale coating, granulating, and drying applications. It is ideal for process development and for collecting scale-up data for commercial processes. The optional hot oil heater can provide a maximum operating temperature of 200°C.With the Class I Div II 100XP Explosion Proof Fluid Bed, Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) continues to provide new and improved fluid bed technology to industry. The 100XP withstands maximum developed pressures up to 12 bar. The gas stream can be vented or recirculated and a solvent recovery system is included. Sanitary fittings on the ductwork components allow easy disassembly of the unit for cleaning.

100XP Fluid Bed

100XP  Fluid System

Materials of Construction: Stainless Steel (Parts in Contact with Product)
Product Bowl Volume: 5 L
Maximum Operating Temperature: Up to 200°C
Maximum Pressure: 12 bar

100XP Brochure

Utility Requirements for Standard 100 XP Systems

  • Electrical
    • Fluid Bed – 30 A, Phase 1, 230 V
    • Oil Heater – 30 A, Phase 1, 230 V
    • Water Heater – 30/15 A, Phase 3, 230/460 V
  • Water
    • Flow Rate 2.5 GPM
    • Inlet Temperature 35-70°F
  • Compressed Air
    • Flow 1-2 cfm
    • PSIG 60 psi
  • Inert Gas Flow – Nitrogen, Argon, etc.
    • 1-5 scfh
Explosion Proof Fluid Bed Dryer Diagram

                                        Explosion Proof Fluid Bed Dryer Diagram

100 XP Standard Model Specifications and Options

  • 5 Liter Bowl Capacity, Batch Fluid Bed
  • Explosion Proof Construction
    • Class I Div II specifications
  • Solvent Recovery System
  • Internal Baghouse Equipped with Teflon Coated Bags
  • Manual Pulsejet Bag Cleaning System
    • Automatic Pulse Available)
  • Explosion Proof: 12 Bar Shock Rated
  • Maximum Temperature: 200°C
  • Material of Construction: 316 Stainless Steel (Product Contact)
  • Capable of Re-Circulating or Venting the Gas Stream
  • Air Atomized Removable Stainless Steel Spray System
  • Top and Bottom Spray Configuration
  • 316 SS Upper Housing with Glass View Port
  • 304 SS Cooling Coil (does not include chiller)
  • Blower-Variable Speed, 70 cfm Max., 40″ static pressure
  • Ductwork exhaust flanged to facilitate connection of additional piping
  • Includes:
    • O-rings for sealing distributor plate and product chamber
    • Air pressure regulator
    • Air pressure gauge
  • Instrumentation includes:
    • Air flow measurement
    • Inlet air temperature
    • Outlet air temperature
    • Temperature controller
    • Transmitters are PLC/DCS compatible
    • Differential pressure gauge across bed
    • Differential pressure gauge across bags
  • Optional steam heater system
  • Optional hot oil heater
  • Optional chiller system for solvent recovery
  • Custom Options Available