Fluid Bed Coaters

Equipment for Liquid and Powder Coatings and Impregnation

ACT fluid bed coaters are manufactured following the highest quality and safety standards. Each fluid bed is built by our team of engineers, designers, and craftsman with expertise in fluid bed technology since 1981. In addition, our in-house laboratory and pilot plant equipment and facilities generate the data needed to design and size your fluidized bed coater to meet your process specifications.

We are aware that your coating process may require specialized fluid bed design. With experience in fluid bed design beginning in 1981, we have the knowledge to help you with your process development and equipment needs. We build both batch and continuous fluid bed coating machines. We also build fluid beds that include zones for multiple unit operations. These zoned fluid bed coaters may include drying, classifying, granulating, and more. In addition to fluid beds, we design and build complete fluid bed systems.


Fluid Bed Coating

Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Specialty Alloys
Sizes: ¼ ft2 to 1000 ft2
Capacities: 4 lbs/hr to 50 tons/hr

Air Handling/ Emissions Control Systems Available:

  • Scrubbers
  • Baghouses
  • Cyclones

ACT Fluid Bed Coaters Include the Following:

ACT Fluid Beds Include the Following:

  • Batch or Continuous Operation
  • Push, Pull or Combination Air Flow
  • Positive, Negative or Atmospheric Pressure
  • Particle Size Capacity Ranging from 2 Inches to Sub-microns
  • 2 kg Batch to 50 tons/hr Continuous Production
  • Optional ACT Spray Systems and Bed Inserts
  • Modular or Complete System Designs
  • Scalability
  • Easy Operation and Clean Up
  • Full Compatibility with All ACT Industrial Equipment

Your Specialty Fluid Bed Could Include:

  • Complete Custom Engineering and Design
  • Custom Size and Shape
  • Food/Pharmaceutical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Explosion Resistant Design
  • Corrosion Resistant Material
  • Hazardous Chemical Systems
  • Recirculating Contained Gas Design
  • Specialty Inserts, Screens and Spraying Systems
  • Fully Automated Operation

Benefits of an ACT Fluid Bed:

  • Quality Tested
  • Backed by Years of Experience in Rotary Drum Engineering, Design, and Fabrication
  • Proven Customer Service
  • Customizable for Your Process
  • On-site Laboratory and Pilot Testing
  • Built with Safety in Mind

Fluid Bed Coating Applications and Benefits

Fluid Bed Coating Applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals
  • Animal Feeds – Cereal Grains, High Protein, Wastes, and By-Products
  • Agricultural Wastes – Animal Manures and Litters, Crop Wastes
  • Fertilizers
  • Foods – Cereals, Fruits and Vegetables, Starches, and more
  • Catalysts
  • Powders
  • Equipment/Machinery – Powder Coatings

Benefits from Coating:

  • Controlled-Release of Active Ingredient (Pharmaceutical)
  • Enteric or Sustained Release (Fertilizer)
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Extension of Shelf Life
  • Improved Appearance
  • Protection from Attrition
  • Taste-Masking