Commercialization Strategies

Since 1981, Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) has helped companies develop new ideas to produce commercial processes and/or products. ACT recognizes the challenges to assimilate and commercialize new technologies. From our years of experience, ACT provides expertise to those interested in limiting risks in the development process and help to focus on mechanisms for success. Many great ideas throughout history never reached commercialization. This is not due to a lack of ingenuity but rather a need to understand more fully the process necessary to successfully commercialize technology. Without commercialization steps, the temptation exists to take a technology that “works” and “get it into production.” Although moving quickly appears to be progress and may temporarily please managers and investors, rushing the steps to commercialization introduces vulnerabilities, some potentially devastating. At the 2016 Algae Biomass Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, Josh McGill, a professional chemical engineer presented these industry accepted strategies. A copy of his presentation is provided here.

Scale-Up Strategies for Commercialization