What is Granulation?

Granulation is the process that converts fine materials like spray dried powders or dust to larger particles called granules. This can be accomplished by various means. For example, compaction may be used to form tablets or pellets from solid materials. Another method is wet granulation where the granules are formed by agglomerating with the use of a binder solution or steam/water.

What Are Examples of Equipment Used for Granulation?

Rotary Drum Granulator
Rotary Drum Granulator

Over the years, the equipment used for granulation has changed with new technologies continuing to emerge. Some of the general categories of equipment used for granulating materials are listed below.

What are Types of Granulation?

Melt Spray Urea, Fluid Bed Granulated Clay, and Pelletized Biomass
Melt Spray Urea, Fluid Bed Granulated Clay, and Pelletized Biomass

There are many different approaches to granulation. Which method to choose is based on the properties of the material being granulated as well as the desired properties of the final product. Granulation methods being used today are listed below.

  • Wet Granulation/Agglomeration
    • With a Binder
    • Spraying Dissolved Material on Recycle
  • Melt Spray Granulation
    • Falling Curtain Granulation
  • Steam/Water Granulation
  • Ammoniation Granulation
  • Prilling
  • Compaction

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