Demystifying the Engineering Process-Part 3

Detail Engineering

Why Do Detail Engineering? is performed to refine the cost estimate from the first phase and to …. At completion of the Detailed Engineering Package the plant design is considered  complete and the cost estimates of the equipment are within plus 10% error. The Detailed Engineering Package will provide the information to allow you to request bids for construction and installation and to begin the work required for … site prep, permits   When Do Detailed Engineering? Basic engineering is done after completing the Preliminary Engineering Package. The Basic Engineering Phase typically includes any Pilot Plant Testing that was identified as needed during the preliminary engineering.   What to Expect Typical Time to Complete Phase: 6-12 months The following are address during Detailed Engineering: This work will include:  

  • Finalization of the Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Generation and Finalization of the P&ID
  • Finalization of the Plant Layout and Plot Plan
  • Equipment General Arrangement Drawings
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Structural Calculations (by 3rd party with ACT’s assistance)
  • Piping Routing Plan/Elevation
  • Piping Isometric Drawings
  • Piping Specifications
  • Pipe Stress Calculations (as required)
  • Ductwork Routing Plan/Elevation
  • Piping/Ductwork Supports Design
  • Piping/Ductwork Material Take-offs
  • Instrument Loop Sheets
  • Instrument Specifications
  • Motor Schematics
  • Automation System Design / Logic
  • Lighting Requirements
  • Wire and Cable Specifications
  • Wire and Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tray Routing
  • Equipment Locations
  • Miscellaneous Installation Details
  • Access Platform Design
  • Insulation Specifications
  • HAZOP Review
  • Environmental Assessment and Review / Air Permits
  • +/- 10% Plant Estimate
  • Operations Manuals
  • Contractor’s Bid Package

The Detailed Engineering package may or may not include:

  • Buildings/Foundations Design
  • Drainage System Design
  • Civil Site Work Plan

What’s Next? The Basic Engineering Phase of a project is followed by Detailed Engineering. The detailed engineering contains the information required for contractors to provide estimates or quotes for the installation of the plant equipment, and other parts of the plant.   Following the completion of this phase, the owner chooses one or more of the following:

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